Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I've got 1 call about a month ago and just another call from China. It was a lady who firstly asked, do you speak Mandarin. My reply was yes and she continued to identify herself from a company called Way Ni Shi (translate). Then followed by asking you for a few minutes of your time.

In the first case, I immediately told her I don't have the time hand up the mobile.
Second time, which is today, again through my mobile, she called again. I can recognized her voice. After her second line of speech, asking for sometime, I told not to contact me again and she do not call again. Immediately her voice became loud and angry saying "When did I call you" for a few times and I just hand up my mobile again.

Isn't it clear, it's another one of those organized crime to cheat you of your money. Always see it being reported in the papers and not long ago it was finally reveiled in Malaysia through the Chinese Association that many of their citizen were cheated in similar why.

Caller claims:

1. You won "big money" in overseas lottery. Can you believe your good luck falling from heaven that you probably didn't even step out of Singapore and yet you won $$$$! Or the gods in heaven could see your hardship working day-in day-out, and decided to give you $$$ so they send a messenger to you telling you this good news when you don't even use your hard earn money to buy a lottery ticket in S'pore?

Ask yourself in this 1st case, did you buy lotter overseas - no. Have you went overseas before or that particular country - no. Then how come so good you win. Well, it always boils down to greed - but before greed it's always curiosity. Maybe I won, I didn't know??? Could be mistaken identity, not me but someone else same name (there are many people with same name - check phone directory). No harm if I can get it. Small money out, big money in

2. So and so had left a big pile of money (shit!) to this caller. He wants you to help to claim it by doing him a favour. What favour, in return he gives you some of the SHIT.

Where got so big female frog(toad)jumping round the streets (translated from cantonese idiom). Why female frog, because they are able to reproduce. So if you catch a female frog and lay eggs, you can have more frog leg porridge to eat. What makes person fall into this, it's again greed. No harm helping, he is happy with his inheritance and you also got some of the shit! Win-win situation! To me, no sense to have somebody whom you do not know to help in claiming the shit and this caller had to call you, a foreigner from another country to help - what an honour ha!

1&2 overseas crime tactics.

3. You won a lucky draw, very attractive prices (LDC TV, CAR....toy car?) and you need to bring your wife along to claim the prices. You have to book a date and time to come to the office to claim and if there is a time frame for you to claim the prizes. What business is this; usually hard sell tactics crime, very well organize with good business address and well dress personal. I don't want to tell you who are these people but if you have come across, you know what they are selling.

Why bring wife. Simple, during the intense time you are sitting down, they pressure cook you to buying something. Buttering you with icing, honey.... Some of the things they sell are quite good stuff but you cannot make up your mind because the stuff cost big $$$. Now, here comes the wife's role. Feeling pressure and with those threatening looks (you both cannot even leave to go toilet together), the wife feeling unwell (may be fear and wanted to end this hot situation) and you also feel same, so parted with your hard earned $$$$.

We fill in lucky draw coupons very often during special promotions and other related activities. If you had won something, officially, it's a letter to notify you to claim the prize. Where got contact you, usually through mobile to tell you the good new. This is already not the way a proper company works. All claims should be supported with documents (where are the docs?). I am sure this company cannot produce the lucky draw coupon you had written your particulars (same handwriting?)

This 3rd case, I personally experience it by not going to claim it. I knew it was a hard selling company when my husband told me that someone call him about it. Well my hubby was keen to go so he fixed a date and time with that nice lady. On the day itself, we did not go in the evening. All these happenings are in the evening. As the saying goes "Cannot see light" business. What happened the next morning, the lady called up and "confronted" my hus. "Why you did not turn up and call to inform us. We can then give the place to some other people." She sounds angry, sure what she cannot make $$$ out of us. Do you know that every evening, the promoter (like this lady) would be with her "catch" - like my hubby/myself. They usually have one couple to one promoter and a few senior pressure cooker chef around to deal with those couple when they are undecided. So we did not go, she cannot make $.

Whatever it is, always ask yourself relevant questions/claims relating to case. Best
is to consult your relatives/friends about it. Two/Three heads think better than one. High light these cases to the elderly so that they are aware and not fall victims to these unscrupulous people!