Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Have I Been Up To?

Oh, it's already end of the year! What was I doing since the last posting? A few things; soul searching, new goal and at times, just don't want to do anything but day dream!

Soul searching is a bit hard when you face some downturns in life. But I got out of it somehow and for time being, a new goal was born. I signed up at a fitness centre near home with a trainer. This is to help kick my butt for staying at home, playing computer games day in day out. Sure a good way, because I go to the gym everyday except weekends.

There's no time limit and which class you would like to join in. What better deal can it be when you get trim and fit. I joined the gym only last week of November. Since then, I'm seen there usually in the morning as I prefer to do marketing after the workout. Besides my trainer,I had joined 3 different session; Latino Jam (it's dance steps working out body parts);Step level, this is alot of leg work and Pilates These 3 different workout shows that I'm not fit at this moment as my legs seems too heavy to move in the dance steps and step level. Pilates is out because alot of work on the back muscle which I am weak in. Have yet to join other classes to see which suits my physic now.

It's about 2 weeks and I could feel the difference. I can walk faster then before, carry heavy loads (within my own limit) without feeling the back ache. More importance, I have the urge to go to the gym to workout. Not like before lazy to get out of the house even. So this good thing of joining the gym is good for everyone. If you want to do something, I personally think gym is a good place for good vice and in return you get good health. I've made friends with 2 ladies so far and look forward to meeting more. At least that dance instructor, he's good in the sense that he knew some of us are new in his class, he takes the patience to repeat the steps more so that we can remember. He conducts at least 4 different class each week. I've only join one because since last week I was down with flu and could attend his class.

Now, by Chinese New Year, I should be trimmed by at least 3 kg (let me work hard) as I do not want to over exert my body and giving in to pressure to do it. Life would be stressful then. After this, I intend to go for lazik but this will take time to ponder over.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I've got 1 call about a month ago and just another call from China. It was a lady who firstly asked, do you speak Mandarin. My reply was yes and she continued to identify herself from a company called Way Ni Shi (translate). Then followed by asking you for a few minutes of your time.

In the first case, I immediately told her I don't have the time hand up the mobile.
Second time, which is today, again through my mobile, she called again. I can recognized her voice. After her second line of speech, asking for sometime, I told not to contact me again and she do not call again. Immediately her voice became loud and angry saying "When did I call you" for a few times and I just hand up my mobile again.

Isn't it clear, it's another one of those organized crime to cheat you of your money. Always see it being reported in the papers and not long ago it was finally reveiled in Malaysia through the Chinese Association that many of their citizen were cheated in similar why.

Caller claims:

1. You won "big money" in overseas lottery. Can you believe your good luck falling from heaven that you probably didn't even step out of Singapore and yet you won $$$$! Or the gods in heaven could see your hardship working day-in day-out, and decided to give you $$$ so they send a messenger to you telling you this good news when you don't even use your hard earn money to buy a lottery ticket in S'pore?

Ask yourself in this 1st case, did you buy lotter overseas - no. Have you went overseas before or that particular country - no. Then how come so good you win. Well, it always boils down to greed - but before greed it's always curiosity. Maybe I won, I didn't know??? Could be mistaken identity, not me but someone else same name (there are many people with same name - check phone directory). No harm if I can get it. Small money out, big money in

2. So and so had left a big pile of money (shit!) to this caller. He wants you to help to claim it by doing him a favour. What favour, in return he gives you some of the SHIT.

Where got so big female frog(toad)jumping round the streets (translated from cantonese idiom). Why female frog, because they are able to reproduce. So if you catch a female frog and lay eggs, you can have more frog leg porridge to eat. What makes person fall into this, it's again greed. No harm helping, he is happy with his inheritance and you also got some of the shit! Win-win situation! To me, no sense to have somebody whom you do not know to help in claiming the shit and this caller had to call you, a foreigner from another country to help - what an honour ha!

1&2 overseas crime tactics.

3. You won a lucky draw, very attractive prices (LDC TV, CAR....toy car?) and you need to bring your wife along to claim the prices. You have to book a date and time to come to the office to claim and if there is a time frame for you to claim the prizes. What business is this; usually hard sell tactics crime, very well organize with good business address and well dress personal. I don't want to tell you who are these people but if you have come across, you know what they are selling.

Why bring wife. Simple, during the intense time you are sitting down, they pressure cook you to buying something. Buttering you with icing, honey.... Some of the things they sell are quite good stuff but you cannot make up your mind because the stuff cost big $$$. Now, here comes the wife's role. Feeling pressure and with those threatening looks (you both cannot even leave to go toilet together), the wife feeling unwell (may be fear and wanted to end this hot situation) and you also feel same, so parted with your hard earned $$$$.

We fill in lucky draw coupons very often during special promotions and other related activities. If you had won something, officially, it's a letter to notify you to claim the prize. Where got contact you, usually through mobile to tell you the good new. This is already not the way a proper company works. All claims should be supported with documents (where are the docs?). I am sure this company cannot produce the lucky draw coupon you had written your particulars (same handwriting?)

This 3rd case, I personally experience it by not going to claim it. I knew it was a hard selling company when my husband told me that someone call him about it. Well my hubby was keen to go so he fixed a date and time with that nice lady. On the day itself, we did not go in the evening. All these happenings are in the evening. As the saying goes "Cannot see light" business. What happened the next morning, the lady called up and "confronted" my hus. "Why you did not turn up and call to inform us. We can then give the place to some other people." She sounds angry, sure what she cannot make $$$ out of us. Do you know that every evening, the promoter (like this lady) would be with her "catch" - like my hubby/myself. They usually have one couple to one promoter and a few senior pressure cooker chef around to deal with those couple when they are undecided. So we did not go, she cannot make $.

Whatever it is, always ask yourself relevant questions/claims relating to case. Best
is to consult your relatives/friends about it. Two/Three heads think better than one. High light these cases to the elderly so that they are aware and not fall victims to these unscrupulous people!



Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How's Life?

Was down lately because when I saw my girl JinJin (dog) recuperating from her operation. How fragile she was then and what about us, human being. Jin, partly due to her age (8years) and being a "3 legged" dog, had suffered much I believed, even before I took her into our home. She had to be carried around and not able to do the things that she used to do like moving around the house to take her doll to play. Similarly, I had very bad backache about 3 weeks ago, may be because due to carrying her around and also carry heavy grocessories. Couldn't sit/stand for long and always feel ill temper and worst of all, didn't sleep well. Till I went to see a sinseh who prescribe a week's medication that I was fully recovered. The medication works wonder and the pain and ache went away immediately. I am getting up early like 7+am which is not a thing of the past. I felt energetic.

Why do all living things in this world has to suffer? Do all living things have to walk the various path to feel the sensation before we are allow to arrive at the gate to see the God? I was eating to survive and not living to eat. In our early days, we work to provide food on the table to stay alive but now in the middle age, we eat inorder to stay alive. Isn't it funny?

Well, the bad peroid had passed as it should always be, but only how long does it take to go away. I felt so much better and now working again and that is doing the things that I love to do.

At this moment, I'm listening to very sensitive audio system which my hubby loves to play around with. That is tuning the various parts to give the best sounds from the system (tweeter,base...) which I am not the expert but enjoy listening to the sharp clear instruments played through the system. The music uplifted my spirit and is good for the soul. I know I will sleep well tonight because God had also created wonderful instructments to make music to feed the "wounded" soul.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Can You Fence For Yourself In A Foreign Land?

Last few days, I was busy helping a friend, China woman (Peh Du Mama) who brought her 2 sons, one 13 years old (pri 5) and the other 2 1/2 years old. The father owns a restaurant back in Shandong. They were renting a room 2 doors away from my home about 4 months ago. Story was, one morning as I walked passed their house, she called out to me and was very anxious asking for directions to a hospital near our place, whether she could take her youngest son to see a doctor. The son was having a high fever 40degree the night before and she was very worried as this did not happen before they came here. I gave her some directions and then went to the market to buy the daily papers. When I came back, I saw her desperation and I told to wait for a while before going to that hospital so that I can talk to my husband to see if there's a better option. The hospital around our place is a convalescence home and I don't think they take in emergency illness. After talking to my husband, we decided to take them to KK Hospital, a hospital for children and woman only. All went into the car and during those few hours (6hrs) while the son was under observation, she opened up to us. The room she rented for $400 and the last few days, the landlady wanted her to increase the rental using the reason that they consumed more electricity. Well, during the negotiation of the rental, it was all spelt out that it was inclusive in the $400. Since the lady wanted more, our CF paid additional of $50. I think it's reasonable however, the landlady now wanted to increase further to $900 claiming that they (the CF husband come to S'pore whenever he's free to stay for a few weeks) are now ocuppy her whole flat. So everyday she was telling our CF to increase rental otherwise she had to move out the next week. Every morning, the landlady would tell her so before she goes out to work. Our CF, on her own was very upset and doesn't know what to do or say to the landlady. The landlady was smart, she did not say nothing when her husband was around until he left a week ago. Besides that, when she ordered the cyclinder gas tank (since she cooked everyday for the children she paid for the gas), the delivery man told her he had no change for the payment and just left. Taking extra of about $6. After hearing her news, sometimes, I think some S'poreans are heartless, bullying a foreigner especially someone like CF. Lately I found out that she lived a very peaceful, no worry life back in China. Her husband took care of very thing from buying milk powder to paying bills for the household. Her duty was to take care of the 2 kids. A very secured and secluded life! Now here, she had to fence for herself and I think it's pitifully. Should we, as a housewife, lived our life around our 4 walls with the kids and husband, not knowing some basic skills on survivor when she had to be own's one feet. There's stories from the papers on/off how some women "lost" their breadwinner and were totally lost and had to depend on some associations for help. These woman are too dependant on their spouse and not mixing around enough to see the true colors of human behavior! Can you as a housewife fix a leaking tap, fix some crews/nut, drill a hole on the wall? I can, I learned to survive long time ago. I'm a few of those who like to test the ground or as my husband said, knock the head on the wall and learn that it hurts. Yes, I always like to fix things on my own using my own ideology. Don't forget, you pay alot for calling the service of the handyman for a simple job which you could learn within a short time. So back to where we were. A sick child on one hand and another an ultimatum to move out, she lost her voice the next few days. Couldn't eat or sleep. Fortunately we had a few solutions for her (flats for rental through friends)and told her to wait for her husband arrival and then we try to resolve the issue. A week later, her husband arrived and the issue was immediately resolved. Moveout over the weekend to our friend flat. All agreement was done within a day and rental was also paid in 6 months advance. She found back her voice immediately and was smiling happily again. 2 days later they moved out. We visited them later that day and the whole family was happy and chippy. Last weekend, her son called me on the mobile and said the mother is very sick. We went over immediately and found her lying in bed, cannot sit up as she felt giddy and her heart was racing. Took her to our GP and found out that she was down with flu. Anyway, lately the papers reported that the current flu, it takes a longer time (abt 2 wks) to recover. After taking the medication she seems fine and I spoke to her daily asking how she's doing. But then on last Saturday afternoon, the son called and said the mother is feeling very very sick. We rushed over and when she saw me, she hugged me and cried. She said she felt like she was going to die. She felt her heart beating rapidly and she's feeling giddy and cannot see well. She can figure me out but couldn't see my features well. Immediately we rushed her down to TSH and being a government hospital we had to WAIT our turn and luckily after waiting for about 45mins, she was on observation. A few test was done and the result was fine and she did not have any problem but we suspected she didn't really eat for the last few days, so her immune system was down and she had no energy. Doctor also concluded the same, so gave medication on her giddiness and ensure she eats well the the next few days and she should be back on her feet. I went to her house to cook for the children the last two days and stayed till around 7pm before I left. Luckily the eldest son was able to take care of the little brother, otherwise I would be having a handful. Today, she felt hungry the moment she woke up. That was a good sign that her system is beginning to be back to normal. She eat 2 slices of bread and a sausage. Lunch she eat veggies and some meat and half a bowl of rice. We talked for a long time and she shows alertness. I think sometimes when a person is ill, talking to them, opens their mind a little to take off any worries for the time being helps them to recover sooner. Tomorrow I will go over but will not cook for them. She basically have no one to talk to during these 8 months in Singapore except me in the last 3 months that we met. Her immediate neighbour only walk passed by and acknowledge each other but no small talk. So any of you out there if you are almost in the same shoes as my CF, please open up a little to read and see the world outside of your 4 walls! The hospital called me around 9+pm after we left the around 8pm that they need to see her again as the found a small lump in the lungs but don't think is benign. Told her husband about it but we are currently not telling her that but only she needs to go for further checkup in a month's time. Let's pray for her. Thank you!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

How Do You Treat Your Maid - Part 2

Not long, a second maid came through the recommendation of my landlord. I cannot remember her name but I always remembered her smile. She's always wearing a smile from day one we met her. I know she's only 17 year of age but they always tell you at least 2 years more. I was told she lived far away (at the mountain area) - about 2 days travel to come to our town. She's the only child and taken care by her grandmonther. Had not worked before and sure enough she doesn't know how to cook/clean. Perhaps I cannot say she doesn't know how to clean - she doesn't use a mop before or floor detergent. Back in kampong, they sweep floors, maybe mop only on occassion. We must not assummed that those maids from "kampong" knows how to operate modern household appliances. An eye-opener to me initially having talk to her to understand her background. Her grandmother does very thing for her. So how can I expect to know how to do simple things. But then it didn't bother me because I was interested in giving her training to do things "my way" and not be "manipulated" again as in the first maid's case. Of course, I had to be strong with my words at times because she behaves like a little girl. Actually she's more at home, do what she's like when she had done her work. I don't mind but still need to draw a line somewhere. Once, my husband and I went out in the car but forgot something so we drove back. We heard loud music from our house. She had tuned on the hi-fi and enjoying the music. I've to tell her she can listen to the stereo but had to keep the music down so as not to irritate neighbours. We gave her alot of freedom at home and would take her out when we do not cook (usually on weekends) but she always prefer to stay home. She can talk to maids next door but I always remain her not to talk too long as their "ibu" may not like it. Do you know that even in Indonesia, maids at almost every household, the employer also practise what some Singaporean employer does. Cannot go out, cannot talk to other maids... I think the problem here is that Singapore employers are afraid their maids will learn "bad things" from other maids as well as comparing salary, off-days.... Sure we are worried but they do need some socialization besides the employers family. If she is treated well I don't see problems. Also very important, like this 2nd maid of mine, she's a true kampong girl and is not afraid of anything, you've to have patience to train her and speak to her openly. I always tell her that if she has any problem in understanding what I said, always asked again and clarify. There should not be problem when things are understood. Well, back to track, I left for Singapore again after her arrivial about 3 weeks later. One morning, my husband called me from Indonesia and again the story started with "her grandmother is sick, she needs to go home for a while." This story was often repeated (I was told by the locals), it's a way of wanting to be released from a few days of work to go "home." My husband and I knew that she will not return after she left. I went back to Indonesia the next few days and the maid was told she can only go home when I returned. I arrived home around late morning and she was ready waiting for me. She packed all her belongings (not much) and asked if she could take that new pair of shoes which I bought for her. I told her she should leave it, not having the trouble to bring back again (it's actually a sign to her that she should leave without taking anything from me since she is not coming back again). I gave her our home phone to contact us when her grandmother is well enough for her to return to work (in my heart, I was hopping she would come back as we got along quite well and I didn't want to start training a new maid again). Well she left, and no news for 3 weeks until one fine day, she called to tell me that she is not coming back. At least she had the courtesy to inform us.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hokkaido's Must Try.

Eiffel Tower of Sapporo

Ice-cream with different snow man expression.

Must try Hokkaido crab!

Salmon BBQ over vegetables.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Away in Japan and Korea

Sorry I was away for holiday in Hokkaido, Japan and Seoul and didn't update the sites for a while. Today, I feel like writing so here it goes.

I was in Hokkaido for about 6 days and 1 day in Seoul. I wasn't really keen initially to visit Japan but since I did not travel overseas last year so I decided to join my regular group for this trip. It was raining and cold in HKDO and we saw small hail about the size of a read bean. When it landed on the ground, it evaporates quickly. This time of the year, it should be spring time but because of the world weather change, it was reported that it's for the first time in 18 years, it still "snow" in HKDO, according to our tour guide. HKDO is quiet and I like the peaceful and serenity. It's clean and you hardly see rubbish bins around (there's reason for it - terrorism) People are really polite. Me and my friends were in a departmental store waiting for another group of friends who went upstairs looking for man's clothings so we sat on a bench next to a lift. As there isn't enough seat, a male staff bought a chair for us. This is how courteous and helpful Japanese are. Never come across such service in any country at all. I fall in love with Japan now and next destination would be to Tokyo. HKDO does not have many historial sites so this trip is just eating and shopping for makan (tit-bits). We thought we could see the sakura but again weather changes, the flower will be in bloom a week after we left. I returned from the trip on 2nd May. Saw some lavendar in the greenhouse. If you want to see it covering hills and hills away, visit is around July. Just like the tulip in Holland, you will like the view and smell. Things are expensive in HKDO, a simple meal would cost you abt 1,000 yen and that is approximately S$12.90 We bought small portion of makan from stall and tried it and mostly it's seafood. Chocolate seems to the favourites amongst the Japanese as wherever you go, you see chocolates boutiques. I found Royce at abt half the price compared to Singapore so I bought quite a fair bit. Me and my husband loves chocolates and that's all I bought for this Japan trip. Tit-bits are also price around 1,000yen, no particular souvenir to buy except lavendar products (skin/body care). Not even keychains because is usually the japanese cartoon characters. Japan trip cost me extra 2 kg of body weight. Now have to watch my diet. Seafood is abundant and must try their crabs. It's eaten cold and it's good. I tried the raw scallop and it's no difference from cooked. The small melon, cost S$7 but it sweet eventhough the meat is not really red in color. It's worth to buy and try the local food so you know how good japanese food are.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

How Do Your Treat Your Maid?

It's that talk again on how foreign maids are treated in S'pore, splashing across the local papers. I don't have a maid in S'pore but I employed 4 while I was in Indonesia about 9 years ago.

The first maid was recommended by a neighbour. It's always easy to find maids in Indonesia. They are usually from the village. This first maid, she's about 18 years old. She was quite, hardly speaks. Anyway, I was speaking broken Bahasa Indonesia, so communication was sometimes through sign language or dictionary. She had her own room and personal space. I would do the shopping for food and would tell her what to cook for lunch/dinner. What was cooked, she would had a share, that means, what we ate, she's eating the same. Don't you think she's lucky? Most employer would only buy instant noodles and vegetables for them. I allowed her to cook what she wants to eat for breakfast, which usually would be bread. She didn't like it so I bought eggs for her to go with her noodles. When I told my husband collegue, he told me I was too kind to give her the luxury, especially the egg. To me, it's important to fed her well inorder she can carry her daily chore well. A hungry person is also an angry and emotional person. I don't want to be a victim, probably murder by my maid for so call ill treating her. A few cases of this happened. Sometimes, no matter how well you treat a person, that person may not appreciate. That's what happened to her. One fine day, she told me that she need to go out to develop a film. I allowed her an off-day on Saturday on alternate week. Well, she was out on Sat. and the next day, she was telling she needed to go out again. She showed me a roll of film, so I agreed since the shop is just about 5 mins walk from the house. She was wearing a long sleeve blouse and a long skirt when she left the house. I waited an hour, 2 hours and she did not come back. I told husband when he woke up and since we had arrangements to meet up some friends at the golf club, we left. The maid had no keys to the house (never allow them to hold any keys) and if she came back, she would have to wait till we come back which is in the evening. Throughout the whole day at the club, I was worrying if she would be sitting outside the gate waiting for us to return, the poor girl would be under the hot sun. When we reached home, no sight of her. Immediately my husband told me if she were to come back the next day or the next few days, do not allow her into the house, I wouls have to call him in the office. We waited for 2 days and no news of her. We were worried if she had met an accident or sometime happened. So we informed the person who recommended her to us. Then on Friday night, a couple came in a motobike and said the maid was with them. She was not feeling well and stayed at their place. This couple claimed they were her "kaka" ("kaka" means sister and it also means some sort of relative and they always call each other using this word). My husband told them that it's our responsibility to take care of her if she is sick and they should have took her back to us on that day she left. The couple could not really explain and we took them to take her back when she's feeling better. Two days later, she came back with the couple in the evening. I had a discussion with my husband that I would not take her back as she had no intentions to work with us. It was later that I found out how she fooled me with her words. I was surprised that she was wearing another set of clothes. That means when she left the house that day, she had wore another set of clothes under the long blouse/skirt. Well, that really fooled me too. I asked her to pack her things and we gave her an additional month's pay. The couple was begging us to take her back but we had to shut our doors. I found out from a friend the meaning of "tidak usa" which the maid always use whenever I told her to do something and the meaning was "not necessary." I don't check on her if she did her chore! So you see, this was how she repay me for the kindness we gave. I was a little disappointed and I told my husband I don't think I would want another maid. In Indonesia, the weather is so dry, the dust is really a problem. I used to mop the floor twice and the water in the pail is always black. Here you mop and within a few minutes, you'll feel the powdery dust on your feet. You need to keep the place clean, you'll have to employ maids in Indonesia. Their salary is low so most big household would employ at least two. After a month, I was so back strained that I had to ask for help again, employ another maid.... tbc

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Where have the wind gone?

A few nights ago, I was sitting in the hall writing Jin Jin's blog. Through the windows, came the nice cooling breeze, blowing quite strongly. The feeling was good. Immediately, came the subject about life. I felt contented with what I have currently. I wouldn't know if I would feel differently next. I questioned "the wind." Why does this special wind gives me that feeling. When you are angry, didn't someone would say "cool it." Have you ever have the same feeling as me? At the seaside, the breeze would blow away all the problems/frustration that may have accumulated some days/weeks/years ago, at least for a while. Don't we all like to be at a place where there is wind/breeze blowing and the feeling is always good. If you are standing at the top of a mountain, don't you feel good with the wind blowing at your face/hair while you take in the breathe taking view in front of you. You are lost at that moment, forgetting all the true facts of life. Who doesn't like the gentle breeze during a hot day or even when we are preparing meals in the kitchen. It's hot facing the stove/oven, or running around doing our errands(not shopping ok). Isn't it wonderful what the wind can do? It can give you a good feeling or it can also destroy your life. Destroy your life, like Hurrican Katherina.... Which would you choose? I prefer to have my wind gentle, giving some breathing space from the daily chore. Thank you WIND!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I just went to our family friend blog and his latest posting is a poem which I enjoyed very much. He is really a good writer. I recommend you to visit him often to see his articles. He is a school mate of my husband while they were studying in Canada donkey years ago.

I'm watching America Idol and writing this at the same time (multi-task). Looking at these young singers with some powerful voice, why can our Singapore Idol stand on par? Those who watched our last show may noticed that most does not have the power/feeling to sing. They all sing with the same tone (can they be from the same singing school, I guess so). No true feelings and worse of all, good voice were voted off and good looking ones were kept until the last 3/4 contestant left. Anyway why bother if they can sing, as long as they look good on TV, there's always a chance to become famous and possible sign-on by TV Media or be spokesman for some branded product. This is one way of getting rich and famous easily without having a university degree to make a good living. So what's the in-thing now. Join all kinds of talent shows over the Chinese TV media and be seen. Hopefully that helps in securing a better life without going for further studies. Entry age for most of these shows are from secondary/jc group, so while study hard. Isn't it a better choice than to look at the books instead of enjoying the fame/money. Talk to the teenagers and see what's their view. For sure 90% will go for fame given the choice.
I managed to go into my other website: which is dedicated to my little maltese name: Jin Jin. I only have 1 beautiful picture of her in a poka dot dress which I bought for her 2 years ago and she wore it during the Chinese New Year. Isn't she beautiful? She has lots of stories to tell and also more pictures to show once all downloads from the digital camera is done.

My girlfriend in New Zealand had reminded me about my blog so I have to write something to show her. Of course things of interest and happenings around S'pore so she can keep in touch with us. Also my personal thoughts about daily issues. But before I start I want to let other people know that this site is not talking about shopping, eating and holidaying. It's about how a housewife view her status at home and in the society. On channel 8, if I'm not mistaken there's this show called HDB TAITAI, which talks about latest fashion and good buys around town. Well this is not majority of us HDB tai2 are living each day. There's more to it and I will write soon. Talk about writing, it has to have that "feeling" to write the subject well.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tremors from Indonesia

For the 1st time, today, I felt the earthquake tremors at home. At about 1150+am I was sitting at my work desk and my husband was about a metre away from me. We both heard the lion dance drum from the ground floor and at the same time felt the movement of the chairs we were sitting on. We both look at each other without speaking and thought that could the drums vibration from the lion dance be so strong that the ground shoke (we lived on the 7th floor). The tremors was quite strong and the next thing came to my mind was earthquake in Indonesia. I told my husband and he taught so too and at the same time I look at the fish tank. Saw the water moving and it lasted about 6secs. Immediately, I asked my husband to switch the TV to channel news asia. After about 3/4 mins, it was announced that many areas in S'pore felt the tremors and it was caused by the earthquake in Indonesia, Padang area.

My husband looked out of the window during that period but do not see any unusual movement around (no one rushing downstairs..). Anyway, I don't feel unsafe as I know our buildings in S'pore are quite strong but if the tremors is really strong till the water in the fishtank splashes around, then I will leave home and go downstairs.