Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I managed to go into my other website: which is dedicated to my little maltese name: Jin Jin. I only have 1 beautiful picture of her in a poka dot dress which I bought for her 2 years ago and she wore it during the Chinese New Year. Isn't she beautiful? She has lots of stories to tell and also more pictures to show once all downloads from the digital camera is done.

My girlfriend in New Zealand had reminded me about my blog so I have to write something to show her. Of course things of interest and happenings around S'pore so she can keep in touch with us. Also my personal thoughts about daily issues. But before I start I want to let other people know that this site is not talking about shopping, eating and holidaying. It's about how a housewife view her status at home and in the society. On channel 8, if I'm not mistaken there's this show called HDB TAITAI, which talks about latest fashion and good buys around town. Well this is not majority of us HDB tai2 are living each day. There's more to it and I will write soon. Talk about writing, it has to have that "feeling" to write the subject well.

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