Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I just went to our family friend blog and his latest posting is a poem which I enjoyed very much. He is really a good writer. I recommend you to visit him often to see his articles. He is a school mate of my husband while they were studying in Canada donkey years ago.

I'm watching America Idol and writing this at the same time (multi-task). Looking at these young singers with some powerful voice, why can our Singapore Idol stand on par? Those who watched our last show may noticed that most does not have the power/feeling to sing. They all sing with the same tone (can they be from the same singing school, I guess so). No true feelings and worse of all, good voice were voted off and good looking ones were kept until the last 3/4 contestant left. Anyway why bother if they can sing, as long as they look good on TV, there's always a chance to become famous and possible sign-on by TV Media or be spokesman for some branded product. This is one way of getting rich and famous easily without having a university degree to make a good living. So what's the in-thing now. Join all kinds of talent shows over the Chinese TV media and be seen. Hopefully that helps in securing a better life without going for further studies. Entry age for most of these shows are from secondary/jc group, so while study hard. Isn't it a better choice than to look at the books instead of enjoying the fame/money. Talk to the teenagers and see what's their view. For sure 90% will go for fame given the choice.

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Dalai Baru said...

SINGaporeans can nor SING ?