Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I just went to our family friend blog and his latest posting is a poem which I enjoyed very much. He is really a good writer. I recommend you to visit him often to see his articles. He is a school mate of my husband while they were studying in Canada donkey years ago.

I'm watching America Idol and writing this at the same time (multi-task). Looking at these young singers with some powerful voice, why can our Singapore Idol stand on par? Those who watched our last show may noticed that most does not have the power/feeling to sing. They all sing with the same tone (can they be from the same singing school, I guess so). No true feelings and worse of all, good voice were voted off and good looking ones were kept until the last 3/4 contestant left. Anyway why bother if they can sing, as long as they look good on TV, there's always a chance to become famous and possible sign-on by TV Media or be spokesman for some branded product. This is one way of getting rich and famous easily without having a university degree to make a good living. So what's the in-thing now. Join all kinds of talent shows over the Chinese TV media and be seen. Hopefully that helps in securing a better life without going for further studies. Entry age for most of these shows are from secondary/jc group, so while study hard. Isn't it a better choice than to look at the books instead of enjoying the fame/money. Talk to the teenagers and see what's their view. For sure 90% will go for fame given the choice.
I managed to go into my other website: which is dedicated to my little maltese name: Jin Jin. I only have 1 beautiful picture of her in a poka dot dress which I bought for her 2 years ago and she wore it during the Chinese New Year. Isn't she beautiful? She has lots of stories to tell and also more pictures to show once all downloads from the digital camera is done.

My girlfriend in New Zealand had reminded me about my blog so I have to write something to show her. Of course things of interest and happenings around S'pore so she can keep in touch with us. Also my personal thoughts about daily issues. But before I start I want to let other people know that this site is not talking about shopping, eating and holidaying. It's about how a housewife view her status at home and in the society. On channel 8, if I'm not mistaken there's this show called HDB TAITAI, which talks about latest fashion and good buys around town. Well this is not majority of us HDB tai2 are living each day. There's more to it and I will write soon. Talk about writing, it has to have that "feeling" to write the subject well.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tremors from Indonesia

For the 1st time, today, I felt the earthquake tremors at home. At about 1150+am I was sitting at my work desk and my husband was about a metre away from me. We both heard the lion dance drum from the ground floor and at the same time felt the movement of the chairs we were sitting on. We both look at each other without speaking and thought that could the drums vibration from the lion dance be so strong that the ground shoke (we lived on the 7th floor). The tremors was quite strong and the next thing came to my mind was earthquake in Indonesia. I told my husband and he taught so too and at the same time I look at the fish tank. Saw the water moving and it lasted about 6secs. Immediately, I asked my husband to switch the TV to channel news asia. After about 3/4 mins, it was announced that many areas in S'pore felt the tremors and it was caused by the earthquake in Indonesia, Padang area.

My husband looked out of the window during that period but do not see any unusual movement around (no one rushing downstairs..). Anyway, I don't feel unsafe as I know our buildings in S'pore are quite strong but if the tremors is really strong till the water in the fishtank splashes around, then I will leave home and go downstairs.