Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tremors from Indonesia

For the 1st time, today, I felt the earthquake tremors at home. At about 1150+am I was sitting at my work desk and my husband was about a metre away from me. We both heard the lion dance drum from the ground floor and at the same time felt the movement of the chairs we were sitting on. We both look at each other without speaking and thought that could the drums vibration from the lion dance be so strong that the ground shoke (we lived on the 7th floor). The tremors was quite strong and the next thing came to my mind was earthquake in Indonesia. I told my husband and he taught so too and at the same time I look at the fish tank. Saw the water moving and it lasted about 6secs. Immediately, I asked my husband to switch the TV to channel news asia. After about 3/4 mins, it was announced that many areas in S'pore felt the tremors and it was caused by the earthquake in Indonesia, Padang area.

My husband looked out of the window during that period but do not see any unusual movement around (no one rushing downstairs..). Anyway, I don't feel unsafe as I know our buildings in S'pore are quite strong but if the tremors is really strong till the water in the fishtank splashes around, then I will leave home and go downstairs.

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