Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What Have I Been Up To?

Oh, it's already end of the year! What was I doing since the last posting? A few things; soul searching, new goal and at times, just don't want to do anything but day dream!

Soul searching is a bit hard when you face some downturns in life. But I got out of it somehow and for time being, a new goal was born. I signed up at a fitness centre near home with a trainer. This is to help kick my butt for staying at home, playing computer games day in day out. Sure a good way, because I go to the gym everyday except weekends.

There's no time limit and which class you would like to join in. What better deal can it be when you get trim and fit. I joined the gym only last week of November. Since then, I'm seen there usually in the morning as I prefer to do marketing after the workout. Besides my trainer,I had joined 3 different session; Latino Jam (it's dance steps working out body parts);Step level, this is alot of leg work and Pilates These 3 different workout shows that I'm not fit at this moment as my legs seems too heavy to move in the dance steps and step level. Pilates is out because alot of work on the back muscle which I am weak in. Have yet to join other classes to see which suits my physic now.

It's about 2 weeks and I could feel the difference. I can walk faster then before, carry heavy loads (within my own limit) without feeling the back ache. More importance, I have the urge to go to the gym to workout. Not like before lazy to get out of the house even. So this good thing of joining the gym is good for everyone. If you want to do something, I personally think gym is a good place for good vice and in return you get good health. I've made friends with 2 ladies so far and look forward to meeting more. At least that dance instructor, he's good in the sense that he knew some of us are new in his class, he takes the patience to repeat the steps more so that we can remember. He conducts at least 4 different class each week. I've only join one because since last week I was down with flu and could attend his class.

Now, by Chinese New Year, I should be trimmed by at least 3 kg (let me work hard) as I do not want to over exert my body and giving in to pressure to do it. Life would be stressful then. After this, I intend to go for lazik but this will take time to ponder over.

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