Friday, April 4, 2008

Just Another Day

My last post was in December. How time flies and it's now April. April is spring, a time for new beginning and new life. Yes, a new chapter of my life. Jin Jin left us in February on the 16th of the first lunar calendar. At that point, my life was also shatter. I cried the first few days and that week was very difficult to go by. I tried to cheer myself up on shopping spree but whenever I walk past pet shops, my heart sank. If I happened to see a pet shop, I would walk in to see if I can buy something for my little girl. But now, I look from far.

This afternoon my hubby and I went to Tampines Giant. Most time, my hub would go to the meat corner and look at some beef and buy some to cook for Jin. My hub went over as usually and then he came back to me and said " It's funny I went to see the beef and then I ask myself who am I buying the beef for?" Yes, besides me, my husband also miss our little darling girl. It's not so bad now that we are slowly getting use to not having her around but at times when we look at other healthy little dog, we would think of her.

Many of our friends told us it's better not to have another dog because it's difficult to detach that feeling/bond. Indeed it is but Jin had made our life more lifely because we had common things to talk about - Jin. Without her, I believe life is just going round the topic: how's things today, have you eaten...... Of course, since we do not have children, home is only two of us only. If there are children, life will be around them. So to have another dog, yes, we are considering already but I think I will stary for a few months to be only my husband and myself in our family to see how life goes. If god willing, we will adopt another dog. Yes adopt not buying because what we can do is try to save those poor little dogs that are abandon. Yes, that little dog will be our little girl/boy!

By the way, if you want to give away a dog, please write to us. We prefer to have a Maltese like Jin, but any small dog will do. Well let's see what comes along.

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