Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How's Life?

Was down lately because when I saw my girl JinJin (dog) recuperating from her operation. How fragile she was then and what about us, human being. Jin, partly due to her age (8years) and being a "3 legged" dog, had suffered much I believed, even before I took her into our home. She had to be carried around and not able to do the things that she used to do like moving around the house to take her doll to play. Similarly, I had very bad backache about 3 weeks ago, may be because due to carrying her around and also carry heavy grocessories. Couldn't sit/stand for long and always feel ill temper and worst of all, didn't sleep well. Till I went to see a sinseh who prescribe a week's medication that I was fully recovered. The medication works wonder and the pain and ache went away immediately. I am getting up early like 7+am which is not a thing of the past. I felt energetic.

Why do all living things in this world has to suffer? Do all living things have to walk the various path to feel the sensation before we are allow to arrive at the gate to see the God? I was eating to survive and not living to eat. In our early days, we work to provide food on the table to stay alive but now in the middle age, we eat inorder to stay alive. Isn't it funny?

Well, the bad peroid had passed as it should always be, but only how long does it take to go away. I felt so much better and now working again and that is doing the things that I love to do.

At this moment, I'm listening to very sensitive audio system which my hubby loves to play around with. That is tuning the various parts to give the best sounds from the system (tweeter,base...) which I am not the expert but enjoy listening to the sharp clear instruments played through the system. The music uplifted my spirit and is good for the soul. I know I will sleep well tonight because God had also created wonderful instructments to make music to feed the "wounded" soul.

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